This 100% organic flowering strengthener contains ingredients that can help increase the actual size and weight of the flower clusters. Nutrient uptake is improved. And plants grown result in sweeter, smooth tasting crops. How it activates the flow of nutrients is essentially down to how it’s able to free up the minerals calcium, iron and magnesium in the soil, which stimulate the plant’s metabolism The benefits of humic and fulvic acids in Top•Max™Top•Max™ is incredibly effective because of the humic acids it contains. The main source of these is the ancient substance Leonardite. Fulvic acids also possess particular properties that contribute to healthy floral growth. These acids are taken from exceptionally rich sources of humate deposits found deep within the earth. Their natural electrical charge attracts nutrients and minerals present in both the microbiological soil base and applied organic fertilizers. Humic and fulvic acids work together to boost the energy in old plant cells while stimulating new ones to form!

BioBizz Top-Max 500ml